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  1. Katamari Damacy (塊魂) as an artwork

    Tue 11 December 2012

    Katamari Damacy (塊魂)

    “Katamari” means clump; “Damacy” means soul. It is a game of collecting objects, creating a large clump of things. Player acts as the Prince, son of the King of All Cosmos, rolls a katamari that can pick up anything smaller than its size, forming a large sticky sphere. As more ...

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  2. Creating generative art in haXe and OpenFrameworks (March 2011)

    Mon 04 April 2011

    It’s already the 3rd month of doing a piece of generative art everyday. Here are some selected pieces.

    Reused previous month’s feather code to make a sensitive plant.
    "20110225_210355 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

    Backed to play with abstract geometry. I like its sketch style wooden texture.
    "20110227_191144 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

    Following one gives some nice harmonic color ...

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  3. Augmented Mirror, my latest project

    Wed 07 July 2010

    Augmented Mirror is my latest large-scale project. It is a development of the technique that uses an one-way mirror to archive augmented reality. You can read more about it at its web site (still in development).

    Using the technique, a sample installation called Mind-Body Interaction is made. As the title ...

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