hxOpenFrameworks is now on haxelib!

Yup, it’s there. You can now grab hxOpenFrameworks via haxelib install hxOpenFrameworks. It is using a version of openFrameworks that is slightly more recent than 0.062(current latest release). All Windows/Mac/Linux is supported (only 32bit though).

For those haven’t tried haxe/cpp:

  1. Go install haxe.
  2. Install c++ development tools.

    • Windows: Visual Studio (Express version is free)
    • Mac: XCode (in order to get GCC)
    • Linux: GCC (should be already there)
  3. Open up Terminal (Windows users please choose “Visual Studio Command Prompt” from start menu)

    1. haxelib setup
      It is need for 1st time use of haxelib. Simply press enter to set to the default path.
    2. haxelib install hxOpenFrameworks
      It will install hxOpenFrameworks as well as the dependencies (HSL and hxRtAudio). Mac user should also install [Jack OSX][] manually.
  4. Browse to hxOpenFramework and try compiling the examples.

    1. Windows: cd C:\Motion-Twin\haxe\lib\hxOpenFrameworks\0,062,0
      Mac/Linux: cd /usr/lib/haxe/lib/hxOpenFrameworks/0,062,0
    2. Open of/examples/Main.hx (previously is in the root dir, see issue 1) and uncomment one of the examples.
    3. haxe compile-{your_platform}.hxml

Please refer to openFrameworks website for API documentation.

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