Generative art in haXe and OpenFrameworks final round, showcasing in Playful Media 2011

The generative arts are going to be shown in Playful Media, which is the showcase of BScCM, the Bachelor degree program I graduated last year. This is going to be my 4th year joining the exhibition(2010, 20092008)! If you are in Hong Kong and have time, come to have a look!

Playful Media, SIG Showcase 2011

It’s almost half a year, coding a piece of generative art everyday using haXe and openFrameworks. It was certainly fun and educational to me, as I had to keep reading, trying and mixing all those generating methods, brainstorming new algorithm, looking for best programming approach etc. Doing all those things everyday sharpen my skill a lot, and I’m really excited when people tweet about them, leave comment here or over Flickr. Thanks guys!

However, I decided to stop continuing the journey (at least for a while). Occurring to me often in the last few weeks, I either spent too much time on one piece, affecting my school works, or because I have to finish some urgent things, I tweaked only a little on the previous code, resulted in producing an unsatisfactory piece. I was sick and had a fever last week, which became a good time to close the project.

I now have more time to play with other interesting ideas, and finishing the works that queued up. hxOpenFrameworks will continue be developed, of course. Let’s expect some OpenCV, Kinect (OpenNI) and other goodness :)

Finally here are the selected pieces I made in June:

Kept the fractal circles idea going.
20110601_000257 by on_the_wings, on Flickr
20110602_150821 by on_the_wings, on Flickr

Some more saturated color with complementary color scheme.
"20110604_203423 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

Reduced opacity, the circles merged nicely to each other.
"20110607_232554 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

Simplified but surprisingly eye-catching vector-style flower.
"20110610_222235 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

I ported Eugene Zatepyakin(in-spirit)’s AS3 FluidSolver to haXe and started to play with it.
"20110612_055429 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

Here I put several rotating color sources in the center and push out dark red colors. Pretty horror looking.
"20110613_194301 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

More sources, larger radius. It looks like an eclipse, does it?
"20110614_230019 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

An eye-catching fire ring. The key is to add color and force periodically other than continuously.
"20110615_211730 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

Simulating the diffusion of ink on paper.
"20110616_042334 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

A cup of generative latte. Think I can build an app for making coffee art.
"20110618_065311 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

Another color, another pattern.
"20110619_135648 by on_the_wings, on Flickr"

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