Augmented Mirror at SIGGRAPH 2012

Augmented Mirror at SIGGRAPH 2012 Augmented Mirror at SIGGRAPH 2012 Augmented Mirror at SIGGRAPH 2012 Augmented Mirror at SIGGRAPH 2012

I am back from SIGGRAPH! It was a great experience to be with all the cool guys in Los Angeles showcasing Augmented Mirror, the research project I’ve been working on for a long time (when the Kinect wasn’t here, I was using stereo cameras!).

It is now programmed in Python with OpenNI and Panda3D, using Kinect mounted up above from the user, for both head-tracking and full-body tracking. Assuming the highest point is the head, motion parallax effect is created for the virtual drums, which merged with the user’s reflection on the mirror. Drum sticks position is extracted from the contour of the users, enabling interaction (hitting) on the virtual drums.

Augmented Mirror was exhibited in the Emerging Technologies section under the title “Augmented Reflection of Reality”. Sadly due to the US custom detained my shipment for sometime, it lost the first 2 days of the show. But for the rest of the days, a lot of people came and enjoyed the work! I really like one of the visitors said that, “It opened up a whole new area for augmented reality application!”, and another told me, “Can’t believe you are making use of the reflection of a screen which I have been getting rid of for my life!”.

Lastly, I would like to thank G3Asia for the helpful support on shipment!

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