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  1. hxml tricks every haxe user should know

    Mon 04 March 2013

    Haxe projects usually are compiled with a hxml file, which basically contains compiler arguments. So most of the tricks I am going to show are actually compiler arguments tricks, which may also applicable to nmml file or IDE that does not use hxml (though they should).

    1. Run project right …

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  2. Haxe tips: everything is an expression

    Sun 14 October 2012

    In Haxe, nearly everything is an expression. (Things that aren’t: import statement, class declaration etc, which are at module level). And every expression can be evaluated to a value.

    A block is an expression that is evaluated to the last expression inside the block:

    var v = {
        //some code
        123 …
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  3. Haxe tips: advanced method overloading with macros

    Fri 13 July 2012

    The @:overload metadata

    Introduced in Haxe 2.08(released in 2011), @:overload metadata can be used to annotate a method to have several type signatures. For example, in JQuery of jQueryExtern, the method “html” has the following declaration:

    public function html():String;

    It declares the …

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  4. Haxe tips: better untyped expression

    Sun 08 July 2012


    Remember to put the brackets

        (untyped new JQuery("#images").imageLoader)({});
    //  ^                                         ^
    //  |________these____________________________|


    Static type system of Haxe helps you a lot by performing type-checking in the compilation phase. You will be notified errors before the application is run.

    Since some Haxe targets (e.g.. JS and PHP) are …

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  5. FLARtoolkit trick: use a colored marker

    Sat 23 May 2009

    Reasons why should we use colored marker instead of standard black and white only marker

    Using a black and white only marker is boring

    There are more and more AR applications in the world, but seems everybody use only the black square marker. May be the public is not yet …

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